Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Garage Door Spring Repair

Everyone has some DIY spirit in them. So, when your garage door breaks down, the first thought running through your head may be to self-diagnose, watch a how-to video on YouTube, and get to work. While that may seem easy enough, DIY garage door repairs, especially one that involves the spring, comes with some grave… Read more »

Understanding Garage Door Maintenance

Many homeowners delay maintenance work in their homes because they want to do away with the expense. Here at O’Brien Garage Doors, we want to point out two things. First, it is always better to do timely maintenance than to wait for things to fall into total disrepair. Second, waiting until things fall into total… Read more »

Raise The Value Of Your Home With A New And Functional Garage Door

When it comes to adding value to a home, families often turn to external renovations to improve the appearance of their household. After all, a few shutter upgrades, a freshly painted front door, and some minor adjustments to the landscaping can work wonders to increase curb appeal without being too expensive. During renovation projects, however,… Read more »

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Garage Door Other Than Increasing Home Security

When talking about home upgrades, most of us think about renovating the kitchen, adding a room, or remodeling the patio—we rarely talk about upgrading our garage door. While we may think it mundane and may not notice this a lot, the fact remains that the garage is a vital part of our home. Apart from… Read more »

Garage Door Lighting: The Key to a Safer, More Appealing Garage

Garage doors may not be the most prominent feature of your home, but they do play a role in keeping your home safe and comfortable. They could even provide some form of insulation or soundproofing in the garage. They add value to your home, as well. And more importantly, they secure your garage from thieves… Read more »

4 Frequently-Asked Garage Door Questions, Answered

A garage door is a significantly large purchase for any homeowner, so it’s quite understandable that many would want to know as much as they can before investing in it. If you’re a not-so-proud owner of a creaking or broken garage door and are looking to patch it up or replace it, the experts in garage… Read more »

Typical Garage Door Bang-Ups Committed by People

The large surface area of garage doors makes it susceptible to unfortunate (sometimes inevitable) circumstances. These can be natural phenomena like storms, or it can be man-made like the accidental backing up of a vehicle. Vehicle Collisions Car collisions with garage doors aren’t uncommon by any means. It might not injure humans that much, but… Read more »

Garage Door Maintenance: Knowing When to Call Technicians

Our garage doors are marvels of engineering and innovation. Repairing them requires the proper tools, skills, and know-how. That’s why manufacturers and safety groups recommend having them repaired by trained technicians. But how do we know if it’s time to call in a specialist? Here are some tests you can do every month to determine… Read more »